Photometric controller with microprocessor technology. Wall mounting, electronic size IP65 protection degree. Backlighted graphic Display. Internal data logger with 4MB memory Flash da 4MB for data storage. Free Chlorine and combined Chlorine: measure range 0.00÷5.00 ppm, resolution ±0.01 ppm Cl2; accuracy ±2%, repeatability 98%. Selectable analysis time: 3…999 minutes pH measure: measure range 0.00÷14.00 pH, resolution ±0.01pH. accuracy ±1% Rx measure: measure range -1500…+1500 mV, resolution ±1 mV. accuracy ±1% Temperature measure (PT1000 sensor): measure range 0.0 ÷ 50.0°C, resolution ±0.1°C. accuracy ± 0.2°C, repeatability 99%.

  • Set point Chlorine and Set point pH: Nr. 2 Relay outputs ON and OFF selectable, proportional in PWM mode, max 5A - 250V, timed output, priority clock output during the 24H.
  • Set point Redox and Set point combined Chlorine: Nr. 1 Relay output ON and OFF selectable, proportional in PWM mode, max 5A - 250V, timed output
  • Relay output for anti-algae/flocculant with clock selectable control during the 24H, max 5A, 230V
  • General alarm relay, max 5A - 250V (water absence, reactive absence, Time-Out set point Chlorine/pH, measure cell dirty or damaged, led faulty)
  • Digital input for set-point inhibition
  • Working temperature 5 ÷ 45 C. working humidity 10 ÷ 95%
  • RS485 connection (MODBUS RTU protocol)
  • Power supply 85-265Vac / 50-60Hz.

Panel dimension 640 x 700 x 240

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