“Integrated Instrumental dosing pump”

DLX ph-Rx/MBB model consists of a series of microcontroller dosing pumps with pH or Rx (mV), control and regulation built-in instrument.

The high reliability and the price competitiveness make the DLX series the best proposal in
dosing systems market. On request, DLXB (foot mounted) series can be supplied with a stroke
length control, which enables - by a dial - to adjust the dosing volume between 20-100%.

• Anti-acid plastic casing
• IP65 protection degree
• Up to 20 l/h and 20 bar
• Wall (DLX) and Foot mounted (DLXB):
• Standard pump head: PP or PVDF body, PTFE diaphragm, ceramic balls, FPM sealings*
• Power Supply: 220-240V - 120V (on request)
• Strokes frequency: 120 strokes/min (from 1l/h to 15l/h) - 150 strokes/m (20 l/h)
• CE (standard) and CSA certied (on request)
• Backlight LCD display
• Manual air bleed pump head; from 5 to 15l/h automatic air bleed available on request
• pH and RX inputs. Measuring ranges: 0÷14pH; -1000 ÷ +1400mV;
• Manual (only) Temperature compensation 0÷100°C
• ON/OFF or proportional operating modes
• Hysteresis
• Switching-on delay
• Level probe input
• Alarms setting

*different configurations available upon request

DLX pH-Rx/MBB Download datasheet

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