“Volumetric digital solenoid dosing pump”

DLX VFT/MBB model consists of a series of metering pumps performing a proportional dosing via a contact water meter

The high reliability and the price competitiveness make the DLX series the best proposal in
dosing systems market. On request, DLXB (foot mounted) series can be supplied with a stroke
length control, which enables - by a dial - to adjust the dosing volume between 20-100%.

• Anti-acid plastic casing
• IP65 protection degree
• Up to 20 l/h and 20 bar
• Wall (DLX) and Foot mounted (DLXB):
• Standard pump head: PP or PVDF body, PTFE diaphragm, ceramic balls, FPM sealings*
• Power Supply: 220-240V - 120V (on request)
• Strokes frequency: 120 strokes/min (from 1l/h to 15l/h) - 150 strokes/m (20 l/h)
• CE (standard) and CSA certied (on request)
• 7 segments display
• Operating functions:
Digital Manual flow rate adjustment from 0÷100%
Proportional dosing functions by reed water meter: 1xn; 1xn (m) 1:n;
• Manual air bleed pump head; from 5 to 15l/h automatic air bleed available on request
• Relay Output
• Level switch connector

*different configurations available upon request

DLX VFT/MBB Download datasheet

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