eSelect M2

“Measure and control instruments”

eSelect-M2 series is a family of controllers using two measurement channels (+ temperature). The wide graphic display and
the user-friendly navigation make it a very simple and intuitive product for end-users. Predisposed for Eatcloud connection,
thanks to the “Connection Kit” (not included with the controller), the eSelect-M2 can be managed remotely.

THe eSelect M is a multi-function measuring instrument featuring two (M2) measurement parameters suitable for measuring
the pH, Rx (Redox), Free CHLORINE (Residual), Total CHLORINE and Conductivity. The eSelect M range, along with
high quality performances and advanced functions, offers several characteristics that make it versatile and easy to use.

  • Measures: pH, Redox (mV), Free Chlorine (ppm), Total Chlorine (ppm), Conductivity and temperature (C°)
  • Version pH or Redox, selectable from the user
  • Standard versions: pH(Rx)-pH(Rx); pH(Rx)-CL; pH(Rx)-CD
  • Timer mode, connected to auxiliary realy
  • N.2 4-20mA outputs, programmable from the user
  • Chlorine measure (ppm) by selective membrane sensor or amperometric cell Platinum-Copper
  • 2 setpoint for each measure, ON/OFF mode or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation);
  • Adjustable hystesys on setpoint value; delay time on activation relay
  • Alarm MAX and MIN mode on each measure
  • Overdosing Alarm (excessive dosing time) for each measure
  • Timer built-in to manage start/stop of the controller
  • N.2 inputs for level sensor
  • Flow sensor input
  • PH and Rx can be selected on the same model by simply programming and using the related probe;
  • Free or Total Chlorine measure may be chosen on the basis of the type of sensor used and the relative measuring range:
  1. Ion-selective membrane sensors with measure ranges 0-2 Cl ppm; 0-20 Cl ppm; 0-20 Cl ppm (Total);
  2. Open type amperometric cell (model CLC) with measure range 0-10 Cl ppm
  • Timed AUX outputs programming; Adjustable timer mode; switch-on time programming.
  • Suitable for software EtaCloud connection; optional accessory: connectivity kit
  • Available boxes: wall mounting (IP65)
  • Backlighted graphic display (128x64)
  • Start-up delay
  • Alarm relay, NO or NC programmable from the user
  • Automatic temperature compensation, (by PT100 probe o NTC) or manual
eSelect M2 Download datasheet

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