eSelect M1 CD Cool

“Instruments to measure and control the electric conductivity”

eSelect-M1 CD Cool is an electrical conductivity measurement and control instrument, specifically designed for cooling towers.
The programming menu contains functions specifically designed for this application, while a wide graphic
display and a user-friendly navigation menu make it a very simple product for the end users.

• Automatic monitoring of dosing pumps and solenoid valve by the conductivity measure or by the timer;
• Measure: electric conductivity and temperature (C°)
• Two 4-20mA output, programmable by the user
• 4 setpoint outputs, ON/OFF o PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) working mode;
• Adjustable Hysteresis on the setpoint value; delay time on relay activation
• MAX and MIN alarm on the value measure
• Overdosing Alarm (excessive dosing time)
• Timer built-in for start/stop control of the instrument
• Alarm relay
• Accurated dosing of the chemicals, inhibitor and two biocides;
• Four operative modes for inhibitor dosing;
• Biocides dosing cycles programmable by timer or clock;
• Flow sensor input
• Level probe input

Discharge solenoid valve control, both with conductivity value and in timer mode.
Inhibitor dosing control, directly according to the water discharge (solenoid valve closing) or via internal timer,
with the possibility of the proportional dosing via water-meter pulse-sender Biocide dosing control, with the
possibility of controlling two dosing pumps for the biocide with two dosing programs; timed programming
with 99 programs for each biocidal product; possibility of blocking pumps during water discharge (solenoid valve open)

eSelect M1 CD Cool Download datasheet

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