“Peristaltic Pump with built in pH or Rx controller”

The PK Pool series of peristaltic dosing pumps are perfect for the domestic swimming pools, SPA and wellness
centres. Mainly designed to be “ready to install” and “user-friendly” for the user.

• Flow rate 1,5 l/h
• Max Pressure 1,5 bar
• pH measurement range: from 0 to 14 pH
• Rx measurement range: from +0 to +1000 mV
• Power supply: 230V 50-60Hz
• Maximum power consumption: 15W
• Set point selection
• Type of intervention (Acid or Alkaline)
• proportional activation mode respect to the measure value
• Display backlighted
• Supplied with complete installation kit:

  1. pH probe or Rx probe with 5 m cable
  2. Saddle clamp
  3. PP probe holder ½’’
  4. Buffer solutions: pH 7 & 9
  5. Injection valve (PVC/FPM)
  6. Foot filter (PP/FPM)
  7. 2m suction & 2m discharge tubing
  8. Mounting Bracket, to install the pump indifferently on a wall (vertical) or on a tank (horizontal)

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