Eone Basic

“Analogue electromagnetic dosing pump with constant flow”

• Manual flow rate adjustment by a knob
• Dual scale adjustment: 0 – 20% and 0 – 100%.
• Proportional mode 1:1 by water-meter pulse-sender signal
• Manual air bleed pump head
• Level probe input
• Flow rate: from 2 to 5 l/h
• Maximum pressure: up to 10 bar
• Stroke rate: up to 180 impulses/min
• Diaphragm: PTFE
• External casing: Reinforced PP and chemical resistant.
• Pump head made of PP or PVDF, polymer highly resistant, with ceramic ball valves, with all sealings in FPM or TFE/P, which is a new elastomer compatible with a wide variety of chemicals

eOne Basic Download datasheet

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